By: John Merrill

Burlington Market Update - March 2018

Tags: Market Update, Burlington, Burlington House Prices, Burlington Real Estate, Burlington Real Estate Agent

Early in 2017 there was a lot of frenzied sales activity, with the peak being in March 2017.  Therefore, it makes sense that the sales data for March 2018 will show decreases in contrast to March 2017.  However, the Burlington market was quite strong in March as compared to the prior month, February 2018.  Overall, the average sale price was up 8.3% compared to February with freehold properties enjoying 9.4% growth and condos up 6.6%!  There were 49.2% more sales in March than February and the average days on market decreased by 30.3% despite a 57.6% increase in the number of new listings.  It's still a great time to be a seller!

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